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Thompson Submachine Gun M1A1

Thompson Submachine Gun M1A1 Repair and Maintenance manuals.

This download has 5 repair and maintenance manuals or the Thompson Submachine Gun M1A1.

  • The Thompson Machine Carbine: Small Arms Training-Volume I, Pamphlet No.21 (1942)
  • TM 9-1215 - Ordnance Maintenance Thompson Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, M1928A1 (March 1, 1942)
  • The Thompson Submachine Gun Model M1A1 Machinst's Working Drawings In Four Plates
  • Owner's Manual for Kahr Arms "Tommy Gun":
    Model: T1 (1927A-1)
    Model: T5 (1927A1C)
    Model: TM1 (M1/Military Model)
    Model: T1-C (Commando)
  • A short history of John Taliaferro Thompson the designer of the Thompson Submachine Gun
  • A short historyof The Thompson Machine Gun
  • Thompson Illustrated Parts Breakdown page
  • Photos and descriptions of multiple models of the Thompson Machine Gun from 1936