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Survival Essentials

The essential survival requirements you will need to know are on this download. You will learn proper food and what to store, how to build a shelter, the right survival equipment to gather, and survival medical information to have.

Food & Food Storage

  • A Modern Underground Storage Cellar
  • Food Storage For Survival
  • Family Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness
  • Basic Food Storage Plan For One Year - Can You Survive
  • Prudent Food Storage
  • Hand Operated Vacuum Packing System For Seed Storage
  • Long-Term At Home Storage - Why Should We Plan Beyond 72 Hours
  • Prudent Food Storage - Questions and Answers
  • Nutritional Adequacy And Shelf Life Of Food Storage
  • Alternate Cooking Methods For A Survival Situation


  • Build A Protective Fallout Shelter
  • Survival Shelters
  • Your Basement Fallout Shelter

Survival Equipment

  • 72 Hour Supplies - Why You Need A Family Disaster Supplies Kit
  • Making Fire With The Bow Drill
  • Compact Survival Kits
  • Fire By Can - Solar Reflector
  • Mini Urban Survival Kit
  • Aids To Survival
  • Advice On Being Prepared For Bug Out
  • Build A Water Well Hand Pump
  • Build A Survival Generator From Lawn Mower Or Edger
  • Water Filtration Slow Sand Filters
  • Manual On Rainwater Harvesting
  • Survival Radio 101

Survival Medical

  • Emergency War Surgery
  • Herbs And Their Treatments
  • The Medical NBC Battlebook
  • Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Generator
  • BIO Attack, Assessment and Anti-Dotes
  • More Precious Than Gold - Colloidal Silver

Survival Situations

  • You Will Survive Doomsday
  • Surviving In The City
  • How To Avoid Getting Lost
  • Survival In Various Situations
  • How Do You Live Without Electricity
  • The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) - Avoiding EMP Damage
  • 11 Steps To Survival
  • Practical Emergency Preparedness - Recommended Steps to Developing Your Own Plan