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Olde World Self Sufficiency and Survival Skills

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

  • His True Art of Defense: Medieval Sword Manual-Giacomo DiGrassi 1594 (184 pgs.)
  • Milch Cows and Dairy Farming: Charles L. Flint 1867 (432 pgs.)
  • Practical Water Farming: Wm Peard, M.D., LL.B. 1868 (290 pgs.)
  • Wrinkles: Or, Hints To Sportsmen And Travelers: On Dress, Equipment, and Camp Life by The Old Shekarry 1874 (353 pgs.)
  • Modern High Farming: A Treatise On Soils, Plants, and Manures-Francis Wyatt 1886 (97 pgs.)
  • Health And Comfort In House Building: Or, Ventilation With Warm Air By Self-Acting Suction Power-Drysdale, M.D., and J.W. Hayward, M.D. with Plates and Woodcuts 1890 (217 pgs.)
  • Practical Blacksmithing: A Collection Of Articles Contributed At Different Times By Skilled Workmen To The Columns Of "The Blacksmith and Wheelwright" and Covering Nearly The Whole Range Of Blacksmithing From The Simplist Job Of Work To Some Of The Most Complex Forgings-M.T. Richardson 1891 (294 pgs.)
  • Forest Planting: A Treatise On The Care Of Timber Lands And The Restoration Of Denuded Wood Lands On Plains And Mountains-H. Nicholas Jarchow, LL.D. 1893 (264 pgs.)
  • Irrigation For The Farm, Garden, And Orchard: Henry Stewart 1893 (287 pgs.)
  • Irrigation Farming: A Handbook For The Practical Application Of Water In The Production Of Crops-Lute Wilcox 1895 (327 pgs.)
  • Trail And Camp-Fire: The Book Of The Boone And Crockett Club-George Bird Grinnell and Theodore Roosevelt 1897 (381 pgs.)
  • Farm Blacksmithing: J. M. Drew-Instructor in Blacksmithing, School of Agriculture U of M 1901 (99 pgs.)
  • Dan Beard's Animal Book and Camp-Fire Stories: Dan Beard 1907 (633 pgs.)
  • Forage Crops Other Than Grasses: How Tp Cultivate, Harvest And Use Them-Thomas Shaw 1900 (304 pgs.)
  • Practical Farming: A Treatise On Present Farming Conditions and How to Improve Them-Samuel W. Allerton 1907 (128 pgd.)
  • Icelandic Wrestling: Johannes Josefsson (Icelandic Champion) 1908 (39 pgs.)
  • Dry Farming: Its Principles and Practices-William Macdonald 1909 (306 pgs)
  • Cyclopedia Of American Agriculture: A Popular Survey Of Agriculture Conditions, Practices And Ideals In The United States And Canada Part 1 Animals-Edited by L. H. Bailey 1910 (778 pgs.)
  • Yarns For Boy ScoutsTold Round The Camp Fire-Lieut.-General Sir R. S. S. Baden-Powell K.C.B 1910 (228 pgs.)
  • Harper's Camping And ScoutingAn Outdor Guide For American Boys-George Bird Grinnell & Dr. Eugene L. Swan 1911 (421 pgs.)
  • Principles Of Irrigation Engineering: Arid Lands, Water Supply, Storage Works, Dams, Canals, Water Rights and Products-Frederick Haynes Newell & Daniel William Murphy 1913 (345 pgs.)
  • The Outdoor Handy Book: For Playground Field and Forest-D. C. Beard 1914 (526 pgs.)
  • Game Farming For Profit and Pleasure: A Manual On the Wild Turkeys, Grouse, Quail Or Partridges, Wild Ducks and the Introduced Pheasants and Gray Partridges: With Special Reference to Their Food, Habits, Control of Natural Enemies and the Best Methods of Preserving and Breeding: Including , also an Appendix on Powder, Loads, etc.-Hercules Powder Co. 1925 (65 pgs.)
  • Feeds And Feeding: A Handbook For The Student And Stockman-W. A. Henry D. Sc., D. Agr. & F. B. Morrison, B.S. 1916 (708 pgs.)
  • Handbook of Rock Excavation: Methods And Cost-Halbert Powers Gillette 1916 (869 pgs.)
  • Hunting With Bow & Arrow:Saxton Pope 1916 (161 pgs.)
  • Successful Farming: A Ready Reference on All Phases of Agriculture For Farmers of the United States and Canada-Frank D. Gardner 1916 (1143 pgs.)
  • Irrigation And Drainage: Principles and Practice of Their Cultural Phases-F. H. King 1918 (537 pgs.)
  • Farm Poultry: A Popular Sketch of Domestic Fowls For The Farmer and Amateur-George C. Watson, M.S. 1919 (395 pgs.)
  • Poulty: A Practical Guide To The Choice, Breeding, Rearing, and Management Of All Description Of Fowls, Turkeys, Guinea-Fowls, Ducks and Geese, For Profit and Exhibition-Hugh Piper 1919 (192 pgs.)
  • Scouting For Girls: Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts-1919 (580 pgs.)
  • Farm Blacksmithing:A Textbook and problem Book For Students in Agricultural Schools and Colleges, Technical Schools and For Farmers-John F. Friese 1920 (97 pgs.)
  • The Secrets Of Jujitsu: A Complete Course in Self Defense-1920 (83 pgs.)
  • Trail Craft: An Aid In Getting The Greatest Good Out Of Vacation Trips-Claude P. Fordyce 1922 (239 pgs.)