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Military Command and Leadership

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

  • Air Command and Staff College Air University-Improving Communication Between Senior Air Force Leadership and Troops In The Field
  • School For Command Preparation - 66 Stories Of Battle Command
  • The Teaching Of Leadership: A Comparative Analysis
  • Mentoring Of Women In The United States Air Force
  • Air War College Air University-Gender Differences And Leadership A Study
  • The Freeman Field Mutiny: A Study In Leadership
  • Improving Leadership Through Better Decision Making: Fostering Critical Thinking
  • Mentoring Women And Minority Officers In The US Military
  • Strategic Leadership Development: An Operation Domain Application
  • A Military Leadership Analysis Of Adolf Hitler
  • Air Command and Staff College Air University-Leadership Behaviors At Air College
  • Air Command And Staff College Air University-Moral Leadership In An Increasingly Amoral Society: Is The United States Military Value System Suitable In Contemporary America
  • Air Command And Staff College Air University-The Revolt Of The Admirals
  • Air Command And Staff College Air University-Leadership Effectiveness And Gender
  • Air War College Air University-360-Degree Feedback: Key To Translating Air Force Core Values Into Behavioral Change
  • US Army Research Institute For The Behavorial and Social Sciences-Overview Of Practical Thinking Instruction For Battle Command
  • Practical Thinking: Innovation In Battle Command Instruction Air Force Leadership
  • US Army Research Institute For The Behavorial and Social Sciences-Developing Adaptive Proficiency In Special Forces Officers
  • AU-2 Guidelines For Command-A Handbook On The Leadership Of People For Air Force Commanders And Supervisors
  • Commander's Battle Staff Handbook With Garrison Duties
  • Report Of The Tri-Service Working Group On The Role Of Probability And Statistics In Command And Control
  • Combat Leaders' Guide (CLG) Leader Handbook
  • Command, Leadership, And Effective Staff Support: A Handbook Including Practical Ways For The Staff To Increase Support To Battalion And Company Commanders
  • Training Critical Thinking Skills For Battle Command
  • Fall Of The Fighter Generals: The Future Of USAF Leadership
  • Joint Pub 3-13.1 Joint Doctrine For Command And Control Warfare (C2W)
  • A Cognitive Framework For Battlefield Commander's Situation Assessment
  • Leadership Styles For The Five Stages Of Radical Change
  • Strategic Leadership Primer
  • Strategic Art: The New Discipline For 21st Century Leaders
  • Training Critical Thinking For The Battlefield-Volume 1: Basis in Cognitive Theory And Research
  • Developing Aerospace Leaders For The Twenty-First Century