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Exploded Diagrams Black Powder Pistols

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

Allen & Thuber - Pepperbox
Charles Moore Percussion
Charles Moore Silex
Charles Moore Percussion Target
Charles Moore Silex Target
Colonial & Tower Pistolet
Colt 1847 Walker
Colt 1848 Baby Dragoon
Colt 1849
Colt 1851
Colt 1851 Navy 1862 Pocket
Colt 1855 Sidehammer
Colt 1860 Army 1861 Navy 1862 Police
Colt 1862 Pocket Navy
Colt 1862 Police
Colt 1st Dragoon
Colt 2nd & 3rd Dragoon
Colt Patterson
Colt Sidehammer
Colt Whitneyville Hartford Dragoon
Deringer de poche
Deringer 1842
Derringer Liege Pedersoli
Ethan Allen Pepperbox
Europe 1871
Flintlock Revolver
Hand Cannon Konigsee Ludwig II
Harpers Ferry Davide Pedersoli
Harpers Ferry
Italien 1889
Jaeger SAA
Kentucky 44
Kentucky Bounty Hunter
Kentucky Bounty Mountain
Kentucky Rifle and Pistol (Spanish)
Las Vegas Derringer
Le Page à percussion
Le Page Percussion Pedersoli
Le Page Silex
Le Page Silex Pedersoli
Liege Derringer
Mang in Graz
Philadelphia Derringer (Spanish)
Patriot "ARDESA"
Pietta-1851 Navy
Pietta-1858 Model Pocket cal.31
Pietta-1858 New Model Army
Pietta-1860 Army
Pietta-1862 Spiller & Burr
Pietta-1873 Single Action
Pietta-Carabine cal.50
Pietta-Le Mat
Pietta-Starr Double Action
Pietta-Starr Single Action
Queen Anne
Remington New Army 1858
Remington Pattern
Roger Spencer Target
Ruger Old Army
Tingle Pistol (San Marco)
Uberti - 1848 Baby Dragoon
Uberti - 1849 Pocket
Uberti - 1849 Wells Fargo
Uberti - 1851 Navy
Uberti - 1858 New Army Carabine
Uberti - 1858 New Navy
Uberti - 1858 New-Army Target
Uberti - 1858 New-Army
Uberti - 1860 Army
Uberti - 1862 Pocket Navy
Uberti - 1862 Police
Uberti - New-Army
Uberti - Paterson-Revolver
Uberti - Pocket-Police
Uberti - Single-Action-Revolver Cattelman
Uberti - Walker-Revolver
Vorderlader Revolver Colt