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Air Force Course
Dental Assistant Specialty

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

Dental Assistant Specialty-Volume 1: Basic Skills

Volume 1, Basic Skills, Qualification Training Package (QTP) contains modules on performing equipment user maintenance, clinical hygiene, sterilization procedures, evaluating patients for contraindications, maintaining material and instruments, and storage and disposal of dangerous/flammable materials.


Dental Assistant Specialty-Volume 2: Clinical Skills-Radiology

Volume 2, Clinical Skills - Radiology, Qualification Training Package (QTP) contains modules on the production, duplication, processing, and mounting of dental radiographs and the application of radiation safety.

QTP 4Y0X1-2

Dental Assistant Specialty-Volume 3: Clinical Skills-Chairside Assisting

Volume 3, Clinical Skills - Chairside Assisting, Qualification Training Package (QTP) contains modules on the preparation of restorative materials and the performance of chairside assisting duties with general dentistry, oral surgery, prosthodontic, endodontic, periodontic, prosthodontic, and examination procedures.

QTP 4Y0X1-3

Dental Assistant Specialty-Volume 4: Clinical Skills-Preventive Dentistry

Volume 4, Clinical Skills - Preventive Dentistry, Qualification Training Package (QTP) contains modules on patient preparation, calculus removal, oral hygiene instruction, periodontal instrument usage, anticariogenic agent application, and sealant placement.

QTP 4Y0X1-4

Dental Assistant Specialty-Volume 5: Patient Administration-Procedures and Programs

Volume 5, Patient Administration, Qualification Training Package (QTP) contains modules on verifying patient eligibility, the initiation of dental health records, preparing medical consultations, charting records, identifying types of exams and dental readiness classifications, and managing the movement of records.

QTP 4Y0X1-5

Dental Assistant Specialty-Volume 6: Logistics Management

Volume 6, Logistics Management, Qualification Training Package (QTP) contains modules on maintaining logistics documentation, procedures for maintaining logistics publications, requesting supplies and equipment, managing stock levels, and storing of materials.

QTP 4Y0X1-6

Dental Assistant Specialty-Volume 7: Clinic Management

Volume 7, Clinic Management, contains modules on processing, producing and maintaining dental reports, preparing management reports, operating instructions and official correspondence, management of financial requirements, and the evaluation of staffing requirements.

QTP 4Y0X1-7

Dental Assistant Specialty-Volume 8: Supervision and Training

Volume 8, Clinic Management, contains modules on orienting personnel, writing job descriptions, managing work assignments and priorities, evaluating and counseling personnel on work/training issues, managing training programs and records.

QTP 4Y0X1-8