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Training and Doctrine Command Publications

All the manuals listed below are included in this download.

R-Regulation P-Pamphlet M-Memorandum S-Supplement F-Form


1-8 R TRADOC Operations Reporting
1-9 R U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Senior Officer Orientation Program
1-11 R Staff Procedures
1-17 R TRADOC Liaison Activities
1-2 M Courier Service Between HQ TRADOC and HQDA
1-3 M Distinguished Visitors to HQ TRADOC
1-13 M Operational Deletions - Enlisted Personnel
1-20 S Legislative Liaison
1-101 S Gifts for Distribution to Individuals
1-201 S Army Inspection Program


5-11 R U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Models and Simulations (M&S)

Organization And Functions

10-2 R Control of Mission Assignment and Organization Structuring
10-5 R U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
10-5-1 R Headquarters, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
10-5-2 R Futures Center
10-5-3 R United States Army Accessions Command
10-5-4 R United States Army Combined Arms Center
10-5-5 R United States Army Combined Arms Support Command
10-5-6 R United States Army War College
10-5-7 R United States Army TRADOC Analysis Center (TRAC)
11-5 R Cost Analysis Program (MOS/FMS Training Costs) (RCS ATRM-159(R2))
11-8 R TRADOC Studies and Analyses
11-13 R TRADOC Remedial Action Program (T-RAP)

Information Management

25-1 R Information Resources Management
25-30 R Preparation, Production, and Processing of Armywide Doctrinal and Training Literature (ADTL)
25-35 R      Chg 1 Preparing and Publishing U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Administrative Publications
25-36 R The TRADOC Doctrinal Literature Program
25-30 P Index of TRADOC Administrative Publications
(Updated as of 7 Jun 05)
25-51 P Office Symbols
25-53 P List of Approved Recurring Reports
(Updated  1 Oct 02)
25-2 S Information Assurance

Legal Services

27-2 R Designation of Superior Competent Authorities
27-3 R Military Justice Jurisdiction/Civilian Prosecutions for Fort Monroe, Virginia
27-4 R TRADOC Government Ethics Program
36-2 M Staff Procedures for Audits Conducted by External Audit Agencies

Financial Administration

37-2 R Temporary Duty Travel Policies and Procedures
37-3 R Government Travel Charge Card Program
37-4 R Fund Control, Reconciliations, Certification

Boards, Commissions, And Committees

15-9 M TRADOC Executive and Professional Development Committee

Research, Development, And Acquisition

70-3 P Working with Contractors in the Workplace

Force Development

71-4 R TRADOC Standard Scenarios for Combat Developments
71-12 R TRADOC System Management


95-5 R Flight Operations

Army National Guard and Army Reserve

135-6 R The ARNG/USAR Liaison NCO Program at U.S. Army Training Centers and Service Schools

Army Reserve

140-3 R USAR Division, (Institutional Training) Training Management and Policies (FORSCOM Reg 140-3)

Morale, Welfare and Recreation

215-2 R Violence Prevention

Field Organizations

220-1 M Utilization and Supervision of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Band


350-6 R     Chg 1 Enlisted Initial Entry Training (IET) Policies and Administration
350-8 R Ammunitions
350-10 R Institutional Leader Training and Education
350-13 R Instruction in Military History
350-16 R   Chg 1 & Chg 2 Drill Sergeant Program (DSP)
350-18 R   Chg 1 The Army School System (TASS)
350-29 R Prevention of Heat and Cold Casualties
350-32 R The TRADOC Training Effectiveness Analysis (TEA) System
350-50-3 R Battle Command Training Program
350-9 P TRADOC Training Devices for Armywide Use
350-36 P TRADOC Trainee Abuse Prevention Program
350-37 P Objective Force Embedded Training (OFET) Users EFunctional Description
350-70-1 P Guide for Developing Collective Training Products
350-70-2 P Multimedia Courseware Development Guide
350-70-4 P Systems Approach to Training: Evaluation
350-70-5 P Systems Approach to Training: Testing
350-70-6 P Systems Approach to Training: Analysis
350-70-10 P Systems Approach to Training Course and Courseware Validation
350-70-12 P Distributed Learning - Managing Courseware Production and Implementation


380-5 S Department of the Army Information Security Program

Military Intelligence

381-1 R Threat Management


385-2 R TRADOC Safety Program
385-1 P The TRADOC Model Safety Program and Self-Assessment Guide

Emergency Employment Of Army and Other Resources

500-2 R Taskings and Individual Augmentation Management

Military Operations

525-13 R TRADOC Force Protection Program (FPP)
525-3-0 P The Army in Joint Operations:  The Army Future Force Capstone Concept
525-3-1 P The Army Operating Concept for Operational Maneuver 2015-2024
525-3-2 P The Army Concept for Tactical Maneuver 2015-2024
525-7-4 P Concept Capability Plan for Space Operations 2015-2024
525-13 P Operational Concept for Army Bands
525-32 P U.S. Army Operational Concept for Potable Water Support
525-41 P Topographic Support for Terrain Visualization (Operations Concept)
525-50 P Operational Concept for Combat Health Support
525-53 P Combat Service Support
525-66 P Military Operations Force Operating Capabilities
525-68 P Concept for Modularity
525-69 P Concept for Information Operations
525-72 P Army Airspace Command and Control (A2C2) (Operations Concept)
525-73 P Concept for Nonlethal Capabilities in Army Operations
525-74 P Family of Integrated Tactical Security Systems
525-76 P Automation Hardware Maintenance
525-77 P Battlefield Distribution
525-78 P Religious Support to Force XXI U.S. Army Chaplain Unit Ministry Teams
525-80 P Army Aviation Warfighting Concept of Operation
525-81 P Integrated Sustainment Maintenance
525-91 P Theater Missile Defense (TMD) Integrating Concept
525-97 P Soldier as a System

Manpower and Equipment Control

570-4 R Manpower and Equipment Control

Personnel - General

600-11 R Equal Opportunity Action Plan
600-14 R     Chg 1 TRADOC Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC)
600-15 R Command Devolution
600-17 R U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Risk Reduction Program
600-18 R TRADOC Guidance for the Department of Defense Telework Policy
600-4 P IET Soldier's Handbook
600-22 P Leaders Guide for Suicide Prevention Planning
600-26 P Guide for Implementation of the Homosexual Conduct Policy (HCP)
600-8-22 S Military Awards
600-85 S Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)

Decorations, Awards, and Honors

672-6 R Military Coins
672-7 R Brigadier General David H. Stem Award
672-20 S Incentive Awards

Civilian Personnel

690-4 R Recruitment and Selection of Historians and Museum Curators
690-12 S Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Historical Activities

870-1 R TRADOC Military History Program
870-1 M Staff Historical Reports (RCS CSHIS-6 (R3)


1-2-1-R F Courier Pouch Control Log
25-73-1-R F Information Technology Requirement (ITR)
25-74-1-R-E F Firewall Configuration Systems Summary
30-R-E F Transmittal, Action and Control
31-R-E F Transmittal, Action and Control (TRADOC CG)
240-R-E F Ammunition Management Checklist
248-R F Clothing Worksheet
270-R F Institutional Attendance Register
298-R-E F Drill Sergeant of the Year Nominee
350-E F Drill Sergeant Course Performance
350-18-1 F TATS/RC3 Exportable Instructional Material Request
350-18-2 F The Army School System (TASS) Unit Pre-Execution Checklist
350-70-4-1 F Observation Worksheet
350-70-4-2 F Record for Evaluation of Accreditation Standards
350-70-10-1 F Validation Volunteer Background Data Sheet
369-E F DSS Cadre Evaluation Sheet
385-2-3-R-E F TRADOC Telephonic Serious Accident Report (RCS ATOS-2)
385-2-4-R-E F TRADOC Quantity Distance Verification
385-2-5-R-E F Record of Injury
385-2-6-R-E F No Loss Fire Incident Report
392-R F Affirmative Employment Program Report on Special Emphasis Program
600-11-1 F Equal Opportunity Action Plan
600-14-4-R F Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Board Remarks Sheet
600-18-1 F TRADOC Telework Report
603-R F Active Army Drill Sergeant Report
603-1-E F Active Army Drill Sergeant Report by Grade and MOS
672-7-1-R-E Brigadier General David H. Stem Award Score Sheet
712R Request for Official OCONUS Temporary Duty Travel