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3/4 Ton Military Truck Collection

This download has 9 repair and maintenance manuals for multiple 3/4 ton 4X4 military trucks.

  • TM 9-808 War Department Technical Manual - 3/4-Ton 4X4 Truck (Dodge) January 1944
  • TM 9-1808B War Department Technical Manual - Ordinance Maintenance Power Train Chassis and Body For Basic Vehicles 3/4 Ton 4X4 and 1 1/2 Ton 6X6 (Dodge) November 17, 1943
  • TM 9-1840A-TO 19-75B-15 - Ordnance Maintenance Engine (Dodge Model T-245) Clutch (Borg and Beck Model 11828) June 1952
  • TM 9-2320-212-10 M37 Operator's Manual - Depart of the Army Technical Manual - November 30, 1973
    Truck, Cargo: 3/4 Ton, 4X4, M37, M37B1
    Truck, Ambulance: 4X4, M43, M43B1
    Truck, Maintenance: 4X4, M201, M201B1
  • TM 9-2520-232-35 Ordnance Field and Depot Maintenance Transmission, Mechanical Assembly - (2520-627-8308) (New Process Model No. 420) July 1959
    3/4 Ton 4X4 Chassis M56, M56B1 and M56C
    3/4 Ton 4X4 Trucks M37, M37B1, M43, M43B1, M152 and M201 TM 9-8030
  • TB 9-2855-7 - TO 19-75CFBA-7 Instructions For The Installation of Hard-Top Closure Kit For:
    3/4 Ton 4X4 Cargo Truck M37, Command Truck M42, Telephone Maintenance Truck V41, ( )/GT
    December 8 1952 (This Bulletin Correct to October 24 1952)
  • TM 9-2320-212-20 Organizational Maintenance Manual For:
    Truck, Cargo: 3/4 Ton 4X4, M37 and M37B1
    Truck, Ambulance: 3/4 Ton 4X4, M43 and M43B1
    Truck, Maintenance: 3/4 Ton 4X4, M201 and M201B1 November 1973
  • TB 9-2855-45 - TO 36Y17-5-1-7 Instructions 3/4 Ton 4X4 Chasis M56 and M56C
    Ambulance Truck M43, Cargo Truck M37
    Command Truck M42
    Maintenance Truck M201 (Signal Corps Model V-41/GT), and
    Panel truck M152 (SNL G-741: Installation Of Hot Water Personnel Heater Kit
  • TM 9-8030 - TO 36A-1-411 Operation and Organizational Maintenance
    3/4 Ton 4X4 Cargo Truck M37
    3/4 Ton 4X4 Command Truck
    3/4 Ton 4X4 Ambulance Truck M43
    3/4 Ton 4X4 Telephone Installation Light Maintenance and Cable Splicing Truck V-41 /GT