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Survival Essentials

Survival Essentials

Survival Essentials Plans and Manuals

The essential survival requirements you will need to know are on this download. You will learn proper food and what to store, how to build a shelter, the right survival equipment to gather, and survival medical information to have.

Food & Food Storage

  • A Modern Underground Storage Cellar
  • Food Storage For Survival
  • Family Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness
  • Basic Food Storage Plan For One Year - Can You Survive
  • Prudent Food Storage
  • Hand Operated Vacuum Packing System For Seed Storage
  • Long-Term At Home Storage - Why Should We Plan Beyond 72 Hours
  • Prudent Food Storage - Questions and Answers
  • Nutritional Adequacy And Shelf Life Of Food Storage
  • Alternate Cooking Methods For A Survival Situation


  • Build A Protective Fallout Shelter
  • Survival Shelters
  • Your Basement Fallout Shelter

Survival Equipment

  • 72 Hour Supplies - Why You Need A Family Disaster Supplies Kit
  • Making Fire With The Bow Drill
  • Compact Survival Kits
  • Fire By Can - Solar Reflector
  • Mini Urban Survival Kit
  • Aids To Survival
  • Advice On Being Prepared For Bug Out
  • Build A Water Well Hand Pump
  • Build A Survival Generator From Lawn Mower Or Edger
  • Water Filtration Slow Sand Filters
  • Manual On Rainwater Harvesting
  • Survival Radio 101

Survival Medical

  • Emergency War Surgery
  • Herbs And Their Treatments
  • The Medical NBC Battlebook
  • Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Generator
  • BIO Attack, Assessment and Anti-Dotes
  • More Precious Than Gold - Colloidal Silver

Survival Situations

  • You Will Survive Doomsday
  • Surviving In The City
  • How To Avoid Getting Lost
  • Survival In Various Situations
  • How Do You Live Without Electricity
  • The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) - Avoiding EMP Damage
  • 11 Steps To Survival
  • Practical Emergency Preparedness - Recommended Steps to Developing Your Own Plan