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Gunsmithing-Construction and Blueprints

WWGunsmithing-Construction, Blueprints, Manuals and Plans

Gunsmithing-Construction, Blueprints, Manuals and Plans

This CD and download has over 20 folders with more than 275 files that covers gunsmithing and construction and detailed blueprints of over 40 different weapons and guns.

  • AK-47 Bending Jig (With CAD files)
  • AK-47 Home Built Receiver Plans (With CAD files)
  • AK-47 Plinker Jig
  • AK-47/74 Type Rifles - Headspace Checks
  • AR-15 Lower Receiver Blueprints and CAD files
  • AR-15 CAD Diagrams
  • Blueprint Browning M2HB Machine Gun Tripod
  • Blueprint Browning M1919 Machine Gun Receiver Right Side
  • Blueprint Colt 1911 Pistol
  • Blueprint Colt Ar-15 Assault Rifle Receiver
  • Blueprint FN-FAL Assault Rifle Receiver
  • Blueprint KPS Peters 1911 Pistol
  • Blueprint Liberator Pistol
  • Blueprint M16 Receiver
  • Blueprint Sten MK II Submachine Gun
  • Colt 1911 Frame
  • Derringer Blueprint
  • Ingram MAC 11 Building Guide To Construction and Conversion
  • M16 Receiver Blueprint (With CAD files)
  • Remington 700 Receiver Blueprint
  • Remington MKI Receiver (CAD)
  • SKS Adapter To Accept AK-47 Magazines
  • Thompson M1A1 Submachine Gun Receiver Blueprint
  • AR-15 Scratch Built Receiver Blueprint
  • Bolt Mechanism For Free Arm Patent
  • Browning .50 Caliber Target Rifle BMG Blueprints
  • Browning M2 Machine Gun Receiver RSP1 Blueprint
  • Browning M2 Machine Gun Receiver RSP2 Blueprint
  • Browning M2 Receiver Right Side Plate
  • Colt 1911 Blueprints
  • Compact Foldable Gun Patent
  • Derringer Assembly Instructions
  • Derringer Pistol .22 Caliber Single Shot Plans
  • FN FAL Receiver Blueprint Assembled
  • Front Bolt Action Assault Shotgun Blueprint
  • Front Bolt Action Assault Shotgun Plans
  • Gas Fired Caseless Ammunition Rifle Patent
  • Gas Operated Multiple Shot Projectile Firing Device Patent
  • Hose Handle Homemade Airgun
  • M16A1 Colt Lower Receiver Blueprints
  • M203 40MM Blueprint
  • M-14 Receiver Blueprint
  • Machine Gun Patent
  • Machinist Drawings SMG Frames MAC10-11, Cobray M11-12
  • Mini Pistol .22 Caliber Short Single Shot Plans
  • PPSH41 SMG Machinist Drawings
  • Ruger 10-22 Rifle Receiver Blueprints
  • Shock Driven Projectile Device Patent
  • Shotgun Pistol Blueprint
  • SIG 228 Pistol Blueprints
  • Single Shot Bolt Pistol or Rifle
  • Sten MK II MP-40 Yugoslav 56 BMG 50 MG Blueprints
  • Sten MK V Ingram MAC 10 Austin MK I Beretta 38-44 Madson Model 1950
  • Sten MK III Magazine Well Lips
  • Sten MK II Compact Submachine RB Blueprint
  • Sten MK III Receiver Bond Blueprint
  • Sten MK III Submachine Gun RB Blueprint
  • Sten MK V Receiver Bond Blueprint
  • Thompson 1928 MP 38 Vickers Submachine Gun and Browning BAR Rifle
  • Thompson M1A1 MK 1 Lancaster Model 37 SMG's UD M 42 Pistol Blueprints
  • Western Pistol 1972 .22 Caliber Single Shot Plans