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M.O.U.T. Military Operation Urbanized Terrain M.O.U.T. Military Operations Urbanized Terrain

Survival, Medical & Shelters
Survival, Medical & Shelters

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It has been reported that there are approximately 540+ Field Manuals (FM's) in use and circulation in the military armed forces today and well over 5,000 Technical Manuals (TM's). Why spend hours searching all over the internet for manuals. Rather than you having to do multiple searches going to multiple web sites just to find that particular manual or related set of manuals you may need, we have gathered and compiled for your convenience every available related field manual or technical manual that are specific for varied military tasks and subjects, such as:

and we have many, many more. They available in download format and are in an easy to read and navigate.

We also have a large library of aviation manuals including a complete set of repair and maintenance manuals for the:

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